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"Expert Views on Biodiversity Conservation in an Era of Climate Change" - S.M. Hagerman, H. Dowlatabadi, T.S. Satterfield, T. McDaniels, Global Environmental Change, Vol. 20, 2010, 192-207.


Adapting conservation policy to the impacts of climate change has emerged as a central and unresolved challenge. In this paper, we report on the results of 21 in-depth interviews with biodiversity and climate change adaptation experts on their views of the implications of climate change for conservation policy. We find a diversity of views across a set of topics that included: changing conservation objectives, conservation triage and its criteria, increased management interventions in protected areas, the role of uncertainty in decision-making, and evolving standards of conservation success. Notably, our findings reveal active consideration among experts with some more controversial elements of policy adaptation (including the role of disturbance in facilitating species transitions, and changing standards of conservation success), despite a comparative silence on these topics in the published literature. Implications of these findings are discussed with respect to: (a) identifying future research and integration needs and (b) providing insight into the process of policy adaptation in the context of biodiversity conservation.


Biodiversity conservation, Climate change impacts, Uncertainty, Policy change, Expert elicitation, Social-ecological systems, Protected values, Hagerman, Dowlatabadi, Satterfield, McDaniels, 2010


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