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"Lithium-Ion Battery Cell Degradation Resulting from Realistic Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Grid Utilization" - S.B. Peterson, J. Apt, J.F. Whitacre, Journal of Power Sources, Vol. 195, No. 8, 2010, 2385-2392.

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	Pages = {2385-2392},
	Abstract = {The effects of combined driving and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) usage on the lifetime performance of relevant commercial Li-ion cells were studied. We derived a nominal realistic driving schedule based on aggregating driving survey data and the Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule, and used a vehicle physics model to create a daily battery duty cycle. Different degrees of continuous discharge were imposed on the cells to mimic afternoon V2G use to displace grid electricity. The loss of battery capacity was quantified as a function of driving days as well as a function of integrated capacity and energy processed by the cells. The cells tested showed promising capacity fade performance: more than 95% of the original cell capacity remains after thousands of driving days worth of use. Statistical analyses indicate that rapid vehicle motive cycling degraded the cells more than slower, V2G galvanostatic cycling. These data are intended to inform an economic model.},
	Keywords = {A123 systems, Li-ion battery, Vehicle-to-grid, Battery degradation, PHEV, LiFePO4, Vehicle battery testing profile, Peterson, Ap, Whitacre, 2010}

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